The Norwegian IT and technology group Embron Group acquires 70% of the shares and enters into a partnership with the consulting company Acorn Technology. The acquisition strengthens Embron’s position in Sweden and Gothenburg. The Gothenburg company Acorn becomes a sister company with the group’s technology company in the city – Qrtech. Together, Qrtech and Acorn will make up one of Gothenburg’s strongest offers of advanced consulting and project services in software- and electronics development.

– Qrtech focuses on the development of intelligent services in electrification, industrial IoT and autonomous systems. Through the partnership with Acorn, we further boost our offer within software development. Acorn and all its talented employees fit very well into Qrtech’s and Embron Group’s future plans, says Patrik Sahlsten, vice president of Embron and CEO of Qrtech.

Since 2011, Acorn has been a value-driven consulting company with cutting-edge expertise in software development, cloud and embedded systems. With over 70 employees, Acorn delivers advanced services and solutions to carefully selected product- and service producing enterprise customers from a range of different industries.

– It’ll be great fun to end up in a larger context, says Thomas Pantzar, chairman of the board and co-founder of Acorn Technology. At Acorn, we see this as a next step for the company, a partnership that will give both the company and all our employees even more opportunities to develop without renouncing our unique culture and what is distinctive about Acorn. Our immediate focus will continue to be on developing the company, while at the same time find joint business opportunities together with Qrtech.

The Embron group consists of several other companies in IT and tech. Among them Qrtech – Acorn’s new sister company. Qrtech with 130 employed consultants has a somewhat broader focus and delivers solutions within the entire value chain from power electronics and hardware, to cloud IoT development and design services. And it is, of course, no coincidence that the two companies end up in the same group where, together, they now have over 200 tech specialists

– Several of our employees at Qrtech have known or worked together with the management at Acorn for a long time and have great confidence in their business acumen as well as them as people. To now be able to start working within the same group and find new forms of cooperation and synergies feels fantastically fun, says Patrik Sahlsten.

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Magnus Andersson (Acorn), Håkan Berggren (Acorn), Patrik Sahlsten (Qrtech), Thomas Pantzar (Acorn), Trygve C. Moe (Embron Group)