“It is a pleasure to announce that Friday last week Embron Group acquired 20% of the shares in Sprinx Technologies. This is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen an already well-developed relationship”, says Trond K. Johannessen, CEO of Embron Group. It is already agreed that another 35% ownership of Sprinx will be acquired in 2022 and 2023, making Embron Group the majority shareholder in the company in 2023

Hatteland Technology is the certified value-added distributor for Sprinx in the Nordic region and has successfully delivered several surveillance systems, mainly for Tunnels in Norway, where the Sprinx software has been a very important part of the total solution.

“We are thrilled to join the Embron Group, it is an incredible milestone for our company and business. Sprinx’s strength and success come from dedicated and passionate people, who are focused on developing innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. We found the same attitude and common vision during these years of a successful relationship with Hatteland Technology. That is why we clearly understood that Embron Group was the right choice for us”, says Renato Clerici, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sprinx.

Engineers from the Embron Company QRTECH will be working on further developing the Sprinx solutions in close cooperation with the Sprinx team in Italy. “I am incredibly excited about the potential this partnership unlocks in the years to come. The cooperation with QRTECH will boost the development of new cutting-edge solutions for the international market”, continues Renato Clerici.

Embron Group has a clear strategy to expand within software solutions and tailored hardware/software combinations in the industries and markets where the Group has a strong position.


“I am very excited that we are now taking this step with Sprinx with an ambition to accelerate growth both in the Nordic region and in other key markets. Through Hatteland Technology we have both the competence within camera solutions and a strong market position within transportation and infrastructure. In addition, the highly-skilled engineers in QRTECH bring valuable competence to the party. Consequently, this partnership is a perfect match for Embron Group”, concludes Trond K. Johannessen.


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